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Lea Michele Nose Job Before and After, Fact or Rumor?

Lea Michele is a talented Celebrity. She is not only good in singing but also in acting. What thing that made her name come to this site was the plastic surgery that she probably got. The 28 years old lady appeared with a new look, It is the sign of plastic surgery. if you compare between her before and after picture, you will realize that the nose was different.

Lea Michele Nose Job
Lea Michele Nose Job

Nose job

Nose job (or known well as rhinoplasty) was possibly done by her several years ago. Lea used to have big nose. The bridge looked wide. And she also got a more bulbous tip. How was the new nose? You might see the after picture. As the result, the nose now looked narrower. and the tip had been reshaped to be a smaller tip.

How did Lea Respond to the speculation? She looked feeling bothered after hearing the nose job rumor. Lea had denied all the speculation. She even said that her nose didn’t get any plastic surgery. It grew naturally. She even told the public to try to live in more natural way.

This is quite interesting. Even though she claimed that she didn’t get any procedure, but the people didn’t believe it. They strongly believe that the nose job had been done by Lea. What do you think of this case? did you see it as a plastic surgery sign?

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