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Lee Bo Young Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Double Eyelid Surgery

Athena The Goddess of war star, Lee Bo Young become hot topic in forums. It is because of her past picture appear in internet. She looked having a lot of changes that potentially known as plastic surgery.

The significant change on her appearance could be seen from the shape of her eyes and also her nose. That means she strongly did double eyelid surgery and also a nose job.

Lee Bo Young Plastic Surgery Before and After
Lee Bo Young Plastic Surgery Before and After

the 35 years old lady has really attractive look. She also got very natural face. Unless we didn’t find her picture in the past, we will never know the secret. Now, you can take a look at her before and after pictures. And see if the plastic surgery rumors were true or not.

In Korea, plastic surgery is no longer hard to find. Based on the fact, many advertisements about plastic surgery had openly shown in the country which is popular for the Jeju Island. Lee Bo Young possibly did it as well.

Double eyelid surgery
She seems having a little work on her eyes with double eyelid surgery. It can be seen from her eyes. in the past she got narrow eyes (Korean people commonly got narrow eyes since they were born). Now, Lee Bo Young’s eyes looked bigger and beautiful. The work looked so natural. That’s why plastic surgery in Korea was very popular. Park min Young, Lee Hyori and many other celebrities were said doing the same things

Nose Job
Bo Young also might get a nose job (rhinoplasty). If you compare her before and after picture, you will see that her nose looked narrower with cuter tip too. She had reshaped her wide nose with a bulbous tip in the past through the surgery

Many people are impressed with the plastic surgeon works. Most plastic surgery activity ended with good result so far. What do you have in mind after seeing this? Do you believe that she got surgery now?


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