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Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery Before and After

Among the Korean actress,plastic surgery had already been a nice shortcut to make their look perfect. You might remember well about Park min Young and her shocking plastic surgery. She had changed from a common person, to be a great actress with a very gorgeous face. She was even listed among the most beautiful actress in Korea.

And this story could be another shocking changes too. It’s about Lee Da Hae. lee Da Hae was said having plastic surgery to refine her look. She had changed a lot.

Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery Before and After
Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery Before and After

You might feel so curious about this.

Then, you can see from her before and after picture. What did you find? Lee Da Hae looks like someone else, doesn’t she?
Some plastic surgeries that she actually got included, eyelid surgery, a nose job, and jaw surgery.

Eyelid Surgery
eyelid surgery in ore is very popular. As everybody know that Korean people has narrow eyes. And the eyelid surgery had been used to make the eyes more open. Lee Da Hae might do this too. You can notice it from the shape of her eyes. She looked having bigger eyes in a more beautiful look than in the past. She might want to show off her beautiful eyes. And she did it.

Jaw Surgery
the second enhancement was the jaw surgery. From her before an after picture,you can see obviously that the jaw area look change a lot. Her jaw has been reduced into smaller shape. Now,s she got a more oval jaw shape. She looked so great and beautiful. She just did a thing like park young Min did. She got a V- Line jaw.

Nose Job
Lee Da Hae got it as another enhancement to make her face perfect. The nose job had reshaped her wide nose into the slimmer one with a more pointed tip.

Compare to her previous look, the current one is much more beautiful. She looked using someone’s face and throw away her original look. She looked so beautiful after the procedures, but the people can’t deny that her face is fake.

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