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Lee Majors Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Lee Majors is early known for his main role in “The Six Million Dollar Man” (1973-1978). Now, he is no longer young man. He has been 76 years old. Talking about his current appearance, it seems, Lee Majors is struggling to fight the aging problem that approached him. You can see how obvious Lee Majors plastic surgery activity were done. However, some people thought that he didn’t get his best look through the beauty enhancements. Those thing just made him a bit unnatural. Do you agree about that?

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Lee Majors didn’t look the same man as he used to be. His face changed. The surgeries made him unrecognizable. You might wonder what kinds of procedures that he got. By seeing his current look, we can understand that he got multiple procedures.

Lee Majors Plastic Surgery
Lee Majors Plastic Surgery

Lee Majors Facelift and Botox Injection

The sign of botox and facelift can be seen clearly. Lee Majors got his face free from wrinkles and sagging skin. An amount of botox must have been injected on his face regularly. That’s why his forehead looked completely smooth.  Besides, his unnatural tight facial skin should be the result of another major work. His decision to go under the knife had invited many critics. Most of people told if he had lost his natural look.

Nose job (Rhinoplasty)

another significant change on his face was seen from the shape of the nose. The rhinoplasty might have reconstructed his nose. Did you see Lee Majors nose job result? His current nose looked having smaller tip. But, not all people seems agree with this. Some of them even thought that the change might be caused by the aging.

Lee Majors Plastic Surgery Before and After
Lee Majors Plastic Surgery Before and After

Supporting works.

Those three procedure were not the only procedures that made him changed. Lee majors probably got the other works on his face too. His smooth neck skin was said as a necklift result. We also can see the work of eyelid surgery on the eyes area. And he might get fillers injection on some parts of his face as well.

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