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Lee Min Ho Plastic surgery Before and After Pictures

Korean fever had become a new trend in recent years which influence many countries’ culture. Their dramas, movies and music are very popular not only in Asia but also some regions in America and

Who doesn’t know Lee Min Ho? The handsome Korean man is quite popular after starring several different movies and dramas, including Gangnam Blues and Faith (The Good Doctor). He has also won 41 awards for various things.

As an added bonus, his good looks have hypnotized a lot of women.

At 29 years old, he has accomplished quite a lot already. Along with his acting career, he has also made a name for himself in music. He has released two albums, one in 2013 and one in 2014 along with five singles, released in 2009, 2013, and three in 2015.

Lee Min Ho Plastic surgery Before and After Pictures
Lee Min Ho Plastic surgery Before and After Pictures

Lee Min Ho has been on-again, off-again with Suzy Bae for years, but that could very-well change soon. There are rumors that he might just be the next boyfriend that Taylor Swift might go after.

Obviously, that is simply speculation, but after Taylor’s recent break-up with Tom Hiddleston, all sorts of rumors are flying around.

However, the 27 years old actor was said to have gotten some cosmetic surgeries to enhance his look.

This news shocked many people. It brought controversial debate among the fans and even the haters. Was the cosmetic surgery true?

Here are some procedures that many medias reported about Lee Min Ho. They believe he got a nose job and lip surgery.lee-min-ho-plastic-surgery-before-and-after

Lee Min Ho Nose Job

Medically, this procedure is called a rhinoplasty. This is a kind of procedure which reconstructs the shape of nose.

Lee Min Ho was said to have gotten this procedure in the past, before he became popular.

You can take a look at his before and after image. In the previous photo, you will see his nose looked bumpy with bigger tip and wider bridge. And, in the next photo (after), he got his nose reshaped. The structure of his current nose looks different. It’s narrower with a more pointed tip.

There are many different ways to reconstruct the nose, with various results depending on what route you go.

There is an open nose surgery. This grants the most access to the nose and you are able to change the most. It gives access to the nasal structures in a way that the other types of surgery simply can’t.

A closed nose surgery is another way to do a rhinoplasty. With this surgery, there are only minor incisions done to make minimal changes to the nose. This could be narrowing a certain area a small amount.

Finally, a tiplasty is just what it sounds like. This makes changes to the tip of the nose and nothing else. It’s not very invasive and all of the incisions are done on the inside of the nose, making them not visible.

Of course, there are always downsides to doing a surgery like this. Sometimes, the surgery might not go exactly as planned and your nose could look much different than you were hoping. It doesn’t always go according to plan.

Numbness can happen after a surgery like this. Most of the time, it will go away after a time, but sometimes, it just doesn’t go away. Having permanent numbness in your nose is definitely not something you want.

As with every type of cosmetic surgery, cost is a huge factor in whether or not you’ll be able to get it. Rhinoplasty is on the higher end in terms of cost, which means there’s always a chance you won’t be able to afford it.

In terms of cost, it’s obviously much easier for people like Lee Min Ho to afford a surgery like that. Regular people will have a much harder time trying to afford cosmetic surgery.

A worse side effect that could occur is a septal perforation. This is when a hole can form in the septum of your nose, which is the divide between your nostrils. It isn’t necessarily horrible, but can lead to mucous buildup, which creates a crust in the hole.

This hole can also contribute to nose bleeds, making them worse than they might normally be. A small hole will give off a whistling noise when breathing in and out.

It seems as though Lee Min Ho would have gotten a closed nose surgery. The bridge of his nose and the tip have changed, but it wasn’t a drastic change at all. Thankfully, it also looks like the rhinoplasty went well, without any visible complications.

Though the tip of his nose is different, it would have all been done under the closed nose surgery, as a tiplasty only makes changes to the tip.

How can you deny the change of his nose? It seems very obvious. What else could he have gotten done to change his look? How about mouth surgery?

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery
Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

Lee Min Ho Mouth (lip) Surgery

Beside his nose job speculation, Lee Min Ho was also said to have made a little change to his lip. In this case, Min Ho Made his mouth (lips) flatter.

Medically, the mouth surgery can help the user to push in the alveolar bones with an anterior segmental osteotomy. Therefore, he has a better looking mouth.lee-jaw-surgery

Essentially, this means the surgery pushes the jaw forwards or backwards, depending on where the jaw was seated in the first place. This makes the jaw in the same place as the upper part of it. Your teeth will be right on top of each other, as it eliminates over and under bites.

This is a little more than just lip surgery and is generally used to fix over and under bites. This may, however, make your mouth look better, as it will be more symmetrical.

Along with that, there is also lip augmentation surgery. This is generally done when you want to add body to your lips. There are injections put into your lips which give it body and make your lips fit the rest of your face better.

If you would rather go a little more permanent, you could get an implant. There are both natural and synthetic implants available, but one might work for you better than another.

Of course, there are down sides to getting this procedure done. For one, they are temporary injections. If you want to keep your lips a certain size, you’ll need to come back in every few months in order to replace the injections.

It’s also very possible that your lips might become asymmetrical because of the injections. It could be the fault of the surgeon or it could be bad luck. It won’t always be perfect every time it’s done.

From the photos, it seems more like Lee Min Ho’s lips and jaw are more symmetrical.

With that in mind, we can guess that he most likely got the surgery to correct his misshapen jaw in order to make it more symmetrical.

Why Korea?

Korea has seen a huge number of plastic and cosmetic surgeries in the past few decades and Seoul is actually known as the plastic surgery capital of the world. But why? Why is that city in particular full of people looking to get plastic surgery?

There are a lot of reasons that might contribute to the increase in plastic and cosmetic surgeries. For one, Seoul has the sixth largest population density in the world. There will be plenty of people looking to change their bodies.

It doesn’t seem like that could be the only reason. There are cities with a much higher population.

Another reason is the belief that certain facial looks are more beautiful than the ones they have. For example, the most done cosmetic surgery is a blepharoplasty, also known as a double eyelid surgery.

As most Koreans don’t have the crease around their eyes, a lot of the time, they can look very tired. They also just see having a crease as a beautiful thing. Others criticize these people, believing that they are too concerned with having a Westerner look.

Getting this surgery also makes their eyes appear larger. Their eyes go from a passive look to a more awake and involved look, making their expressions much more visible.

Facial surgeries are the most popular form of surgery in Korea. Rhinoplasties, blepharoplasties, mouth surgeries, and many other types of facial cosmetic surgeries are seen often in Koreans.

While the majority of patients are female, there is also quite a few men who get cosmetic surgery. It is believed that being more attractive in Korea will give you a bigger chance of getting a job because your photo is included in many resumes.

Body contouring is becoming more and more popular in Korea as well. With obesity on the rise everywhere, having the ability to change the way you look and slim yourself down easily sometimes seems better than losing weight the proper way.

Anti-aging surgeries are also on the rise. People grow older and realize they don’t look as young and healthy as they used to. Cosmetic surgery can change that and make you appear younger.

With all of these things in mind, it makes sense why Lee Min Ho may have gotten cosmetic surgery. Being an actor, he will need to be at a certain level of beauty to be considered for more roles.

Also, his music career could add to his motivation to change his looks. His face would be all over the place with both his music and his acting. If he wants to continue to have it all over the place, he would have to be conscious of his looks.

The standard of beauty not only in Korea, but in the acting and music industries is very high. When you don’t look a certain way, you aren’t seen in the same light that you would be if you did look a certain way.

It’s interesting that these beauty standards are seemingly universal. Even though Lee Min Ho was already known as very handsome, the fact that he still might have gotten surgery done says a lot about the society of today.

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Korean beauty standards are similar to the standards of other countries, though they may seem harsh at first. Every country has what their ideal beauty would be and many of the people in that country scramble to adhere to it.

Cosmetic surgery is something more and more people are turning to in order to keep with the always changing beauty standards, which almost seem to change every day.

Many celebrities, both in South Korea and other countries, have found cosmetic surgery to give them what they both wanted and believed they needed in order to keep their celebrity status. In turn, it also helped them land new roles, find new people to talk to, and other things.

Cosmetic surgery can make someone who has issues with the way they look feel better about their body as well. Even though surgery is on the more extreme end, it might give them exactly what they need to feel better about their body.

Even with the great things that may have come out of cosmetic surgery, there are obviously plenty of things that could go wrong.

Going to the wrong surgeon can mess up your surgery. Not following the after-care instructions can really mess things up. Sometimes, even if you do everything right, something won’t go exactly the way you wanted it to.

Thankfully, those two procedures look very successful. But, it’s very unfortunate that Lee min Ho denied all the rumors and most of his fans didn’t believe it.

How about you? Do you think he got plastic surgery?


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