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Miss Korea Drama Star, Lee Yeon Hee Plastic Surgery, Fact or Rumor?

Lee Yeon Hee is best known for her role in Miss Korea, a popular Korean Drama (2013-2014). Her gorgeous look looked so match for her role as a Miss Korea. In the drama. She ever took a scene where she was asked to do a breast surgery. That’s only in the drama.

How does Lee Yeon Hee like in real life? Did she go under the knife like many other popular celebrities? You know that Korean plastic surgery is no longer a new thread. Many of them usually got double eyelid surgery, nose job or jaw surgery.

Lee Yeon Hee Plastic Surgery Rumor
Lee Yeon Hee Plastic Surgery Rumor

Despite the influence of plastic surgery is so high in this country, it seems the surgery didn’t make her interested. Lee Yeon Hee had already looked beautiful as always in the past. You can see her young pictures below. It’s hard to prove that she got plastic surgery. She looked very natural.

Lee Yeon Hee Young Pictures
Lee Yeon Hee Young Pictures

if you think that she got double eyelid, the picture showed that she got big eyes when she was so young. The nose also still looked the same as before.

Talking about the surgery rumor, Lee Yeon hee actually has not confirmed anything yet. Her fans might love her natural beauty so much. If she is really natural without any work, it proved that not all Korean celebrities went under the knife. She might be so relieved to get natural look as a bless from God.

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