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Leonardo DiCaprio Plastic Surgery

Leonardo DiCaprio is a successful actor who already starred various titles of movies. Titanic (1997) was one of the most phenomenon movie that he ever played. Now, Leonardo has been 40 years old. And he has changed a lot. He doesn’t only gain some weight, but the people also noticed that Leo had gone under some plastic surgery to enhance his look as well.

There are some speculations that approached him. He was said having botox injection, facelift,and nose job too.

The speculation about Leonardo DiCaprio plastic surgery has been discussed for years. In the past he was said having botox and facelift. But it was unproven, because he still looked natural at that time. But how is he now? You can see that Leo had changed a lot. The weight gain and the beard made him a lot different.

Leonardo DiCaprio Plastic Surgery Before and After
Leonardo DiCaprio Plastic Surgery Before and After

And his face looked completely smooth and flawless. The people assumed that he had taken the botox injection regularly in recent years. The usage of botox injection might be so reasonable. As we know that Leo is no longer young. He has been 40. And signs of aging had come to his face. It’s not too surprising if he got some amount of botox injected. Many celebrities had done the same thing.

The botox and facelift combination might be behind his smooth and wrinkle-less face. The botox should have removed all the wrinkles and line on his forehead. While the facelift tightened his facial look. He actually didn’t need any fillers injection, because his face already look full because of the weight gain.

another surgery that was said as a procedure that he got was  a nose job (rhinoplasty). However, this could be just a pure speculation. His nose didn’t look much different. If only Leonardo DiCaprio nose job was true, then it might be just a minor work

What do you have in mind about Leonardo DiCaprio plastic surgery? Did he really get them?


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