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Linda Kozlowski Plastic Surgery Before and After

Linda Kozlowski is known well as an American former actress. She is currently 56 years old.Many people noticed that Linda today looked very different than she used to be. Linda didn’t only get fresher and more youthful look, but she also got enhancement to make her appearance more attractive. There are some procedures that she might do. They are botox, eyelid surgery and nose job too. Some people even claimed that Linda is no longer recognizable after the surgery. She looks like someone else.

Linda Kozlowski Plastic Surgery Before and After
Linda Kozlowski Plastic Surgery Before and After

This procedure is actually very popular in the world.for many celebrities, botox injection had become something important to save their youthful image. seeing from Linda’s current look, you will see that her face looked very smooth and flawless. she is far from the wrinkles. The amount of botox she got was fair enough, however, some people still feel surprised to see a nearly 60 woman with flawless face. The botox also possibly made her brow a bit lifted.

eyelid surgery
Dr. Michael Salzhauer saw that the eyelid surgery had been done by her too. Linda’s current eyes looked fresher. the surgery made the wrinkles and the bags under her eyes removed.

Linda Kozlowski Plastic Surgery
Linda Kozlowski Plastic Surgery

Nose Job

If you take a look at her before after pictures, you will see that her current nose seems narrower than before. The procedure also made her nose having smaller tip too. That’s a big deal. May people thought that she shouldn’t do it. because she looked better without that nose job.

Fillers Injection

There’s also a big indication of the fillers injection usage. It was seen from the shape of the cheek and the lips. These two areas got different shape. The cheek looked fuller and the lips did too. It must be juvederm or restylane done.

Linda’s plastic surgery looked gone wrong. Moreover, her face is not recognizable. That’s the main problem. Many people hope that she would stop doing anything related to plastic surgery from now on


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