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Lindsay Price Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lindsay Price is gorgeous actress and singer that might never feel of being old so far. She has been 38 years old. But her appearance is still stunning and ageless. But even so, Lindsay changes made her so different than before. That’s why the people assumed that she had gone under some procedures to refine her look.

Lindsay Price Plastic Surgery
Lindsay Price Plastic Surgery

Lindsay Price is blessed with beautiful gene. She has a combination of Korean (mother) and German-Irish (father). That’s why she looked like westernized Asian. You can see the before and after pictures, then you may guess what kinds of plastic surgery that she got.

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

its obviously seen on her face. Lindsay might not be able to deny this speculation. The change on her nose was the result of nose job. If you compare her previous look and the new one, you will find that she didn’t have the same nose. The new nose looked having slimmer and straighter nose.

Lindsay Price Breast Implants
Lindsay Price Breast Implants

Breast implants

another surgery that might have been done was the breast implants (boob job). This sign of procedure can be seen clearly from the changes of her bra size. She got her boobs bigger and rounder than before.  It’s not too surprising to know that celebrity had gone under breast implants. So far, breast implants is one of the most popular procedure done. By having breast implants, the user can get sexier look. So far, some  actresses who went under the knife become more confident. You might know Kim Kardashian. She even got butt implants to make her body curvier.

Talking about her youthful appearance, there’s no sign of any facelift done. Her face looked naturally young and fresh. i only she got another cosmetic surgery she might do a little thing with botox injection, or it’s really a bless from God.

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