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Lisa Kudrow Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Botox

When many people asked whether Lisa Kudrow got platic surgery or not so far. Lisa Kudrow has openly to talk about the her experience with plastic surgery that she got. She told the public that the only plastic surgery she did was on her nose. And it has been long time.

She remembered that she got the nose job when she was about 16 years old. From the before and after pictures, it looked very obvious that she used to have a wider nose with bulbous tip. And after the rhinoplasty, her nose turned narrower.

Lisa Kudrow Nose Job
Lisa Kudrow Nose Job

The nose just looked so nice today and match to her face. However, in current days, the main question of people had changed. And the answer was still closed. Many people questioned about how well she kept her youthful look in this ge. The people speculated that regular botox injecton had big role in her rejuvenated face.

Seeing from her current appearance in the picture. It was clearly seen. She didn’t get any wrinkles or lines on her face. She still looked flawless. For a woman who has been a half of century, that thing was impossible unless the treatment like botox injection.

Lisa kudrow Plastic Surgery Before And After
Lisa kudrow Plastic Surgery Before And After

Unluckily, Lisa Kudrow looked having no desire to talk about it further. But we guessed, without any explanation from her, it seems her current look could explain to us word-less.

Some people also suggested her yo get eyelid surgery to refresh her eye from the aging.

What do you think? Did she really get botox? How’s her nose? Do you think it was a nice job?

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