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Lorraine Bracco Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lorraine Bracco is a veteran American actress. Lorraine is 60 years old. Even though her age is not young anymore, but her appearance didn’t look like common 60 years old woman. that’s why the speculations about her and plastic surgery recently blow up. Seeing from her current appearance, it seems she had gone under multiple surgeries including a facelift, eyelid surgery, Botox injections and filler injections. Yes, she wanted to rejuvenate her look.

Lorraine Bracco Plastic Surgery
Lorraine Bracco Plastic Surgery

Facelift and botox injection
These kinds of procedures had been known by a lot of people. They are pretty close to many old celebrities. Both facelift and Botox injection can make a person younger then their own age.

Lorraine might get both of them. If you take a look at her face intensively, you will see how tight her face today. The facelift must have tightened her facial skin. As you know that in a common, a 60 years old woman will have sagging skin. But in Lorraine’s, we didn’t find her face sagging right? Besides, her face also looked so smooth with no wrinkles appeared. The sign of aging could be removed by regular botox injection that she got.

Lorraine Bracco Plastic Surgery Before and After
Lorraine Bracco Plastic Surgery Before and After

Eyelid Surgery

further, there’s a big indication that she went under eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). this procedure could help the user refreshing the eyes. This procedure made her eyes look younger and fresh. It didn’t appear with wrinkles or bags surround it.
another supporting procedure on her face was the fillers injection. Some parts of her face including the cheek might have been injected with fillers. That’s why her face looked puffy today.

when she was asked about the surgery, Lorraine told the media that she actually wanted to go under the knife, but she didn’t do it. Because she didn’t believe surgery would help her.

Even so, the people won’t think that she canceled her plastic surgery. Because her appearance today showing as plastic surgery result. What do you think guys?


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