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Madonna Plastic Surgery Before and After

Madonna, 56, is an American singer who was said as one of celebrities who went under the knife. Knowing that her age is getting older, madonna might feel that she need to do something to fight the aging. Because, commonly women would love to have fresh and youthful look. And Madonna did plastic surgeries to solve the problem. Besides fighting the aging, Madonna might also try to get more and do some enhancements. Some plastic surgeries that she actually got including facelift, botox, eyelid surgery, nose job, cheek surgery

Madonna Plastic Surgery Before After
Madonna Plastic Surgery Before After

Facelift and Botox
who doesn’t know these procedures? facelift and botox are common procedures that many people do in fighting the aging, In this case, Madonna got facelift and botox to refresh her look. The facelift had tightened her facial skin. that’s why she got no sagging skin, even though her age has been over 50. while the regular botox might also take a role in this. the botox removed all the lines and wrinkles nicely. The amount of botox she used is enough and not overdone. Madonna might be very thankful that the combination of botox and facelift got nice result. Unlike the other celebrities who successfully made their face frozen an lost the natural beauty. Dr. Andrew Douglas noticed her fresh look as the result of surgery.

Eyelid Surgery
the eyelid surgery was possibly done by her too. this procedure helped her a lot in refreshing her look especially the eyes area. Madonna’s eyes look fresh and youthful. the eyelid surgery amade the bags under her eyes and the wrinkles surround it removed.

Madonna Nose Job
Madonna Nose Job

Nose Job
one of the enhancements that she took was a nose job (rhinoplasty). This procedure had restructured her nose shape. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Ameer Khan believed that Madonna took a nose job and change it significantly. you can take a look at her current nose, and compare it to her previous nose. her current nose looked so different. The bulbous and wide nose she used to have was no longer exist. Now she got a more pointed nose with a more refined look. She did nice nose job

Cheek Surgery
another enhancement that she did to make her best look was the cheek surgery. She might use some fillers like juvederm or restylane. The filler was injected on her cheek area. Therefore she now has puffy cheek.

for a woman in the age of 50s, Madonna got things done well. The plastic surgeries made her looked great. Sh is so fresh.

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