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Maria Bartiromo Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

The 47 years old, Maria Bartiromo has become nice topic among the chatters in forum discussion. Many people felt curious about this talented American Journalist. They assumed if Maria had done some procedures to enhance her appearance. based on the speculations spread, it seems Maria had done lip augmentation and breast implants as well. Further, considering from her face, she might get botox injection regularly too.

Maria Bartiromo Plastic Surgery Before and After
Maria Bartiromo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Was Maria Bartiromo plastic surgery speculation true?

You can take a look at the pictures. The speculations might be not just a pure rumor.  Maria might get botox injection regularly in recent years. This should be the most reasonable answer about her wrinkle-less and smooth face. She must have been benefited with an amount of botox. She could keep away from the signs of aging.

Maria Bartiromo Lip augmentation

The sign of the lip injection was seen clearly on the shape of her lips. The 47 years old lady looked having fuller lips. It could be the effect of fillers like juvederm or restylane. She maybe dream to have such a sexy lips. Angelina Jolie might be one of her inspiration.

Maria Bartiromo Breast Implants
Maria Bartiromo Breast Implants

Maria Bartiromo Breast implants

Another procedure that she might have as the breast implants (also called a boob job). You can see the change  from the shape of her boobs. Compared to her previous breasts, the new one looked bigger and rounder. This make her hotter and sexier than before. As a woman who is seen on TV, appearance should be the second important thing after talent/skill.

It’s so unfortunate that she didn’t have any intention to give explanation about this speculation. That’s why in some forums Maria Bartiromo plastic surgery is still a warm and nice topic to discuss. What do you think of this? Do you think that she got those beauty enhancements?


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