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Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mariah Carey had become nice topic among the people and fans due to her drastic change of appearance. The international singer looked very different from the early tim sh appeared in the world stage. the people even can see the changes clearly. The changes included nose job, breast implants, cheek implants. she alo had maintained her perfect body shape through liposuction.

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job
we guessed you can see it easily by comparing her before and after picture. Her nose seems having new shape. The current nose looked slimmer and more define. Mariah used to have a nose with bulbous tip. And now, the rhinoplasty seems had cut it nicely. The tip looked smaller now. The nose job wa done well. it was a nice enhancement.

Breast implants

the second obvious procedure was the breast implant. The size of her breast had significantly changed. It’s bigger and rounder than before. The breast looked good and made her even sexier and more attractive too. Even tough her big breasts are fake, but some of her fans seems enjoying her current look and ignoring the news.

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After
Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cheek implants

the cheek area seems become a noticeable area that got plastic surgery. The cheek today made a new shape of her face. And the people believed that a cheek implants should fit in it well.


Another enhancement to keep her appearance perfect. Mariah Carey probably did a liposuction. Her body shape looked curvy and sexy. we guessed she might get the lipo and removed the unneeded fat on her body. this is a shortcut without any exercises needed.

Plastic surgery attraction had become an old story in America. Certainly, it needed a lot of money to spend. the 44 years old singer looked great and youthful. She didn’t have any money problem to enhance her beauty though,

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