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Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery Before and After

Marilu Henner is another old actress who got plastic surgery rumors approach. As you know that Marilu Henner is no longer young. She has been 62 year old today. The veteran actress who is popular for her TV series Evening Shade (along side Burt Reynolds) was said having plastic surgery to maintain her appearance. She might do facelift and botox injection as well.

Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery
Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery

The sign of facelift was seen from her current appearance. She appeared so youthful in recent years. Her face didn’t look as old as her age. She loked much younger. There’s a big indication that she took facelift to re-tighten her facial skin. As the result, her face looked tight and fresh. The work is not overdone. But for common 60s women, she looked too beautiful and unnatural.

Botox Injection
Beside having the facelift, she also must get an amount of botox injection on her face. Her face didn’t have any clear wrinkles shown. It must have been got a rid by the botox injection. Both facelift and botox injection have been used to fight the aging problems. Those procedure have become the first option to handle the aging problem. It won’t be not too surprising if Marilu got them injected.

Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Beside the rejuvenating program, she might also get breast implants. Because, if you take a look at her before and after picture, you will see that her current breast looked too perfect for her age in common. Many people wondered why she got her breast implanted.  Is she really obsessed to be a sexy woman in that age?

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