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Marilyn Denis Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Some of you might never know who she is. But Marilyn Denis is quite popular in Canada as a TV personality. Why is she brought to this site? Because in recent months, her name is quite popular among the chatters due to her appearance. She looked so youthful and fresh. She just looked younger than she should be.

In this case, many people speculated “plastic surgery” is behind of this.Why don’t you take a look at the before andd after picture.

Seeing from her before and after picture, she actually got some cosmetic surgeries in order to keep her face fresh and youthful. There’s no sign of any enhancements yet. Some cosmetic surgeries that she did including botox, facelift and possible lip injection too.

Marilyn Denis Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture
Marilyn Denis Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Botox Injection

This kind of procedure is no longer a rare thing. Most of old celebrity had already gone under this procedure. It can effectively removed the wrinkles on someone’s forehead. By looking at Marilyn’s current look, it seems the botox injection speculation can’t be avoided. Her face looked smooth and younger.


The facelift, is another procedure that fight the aging. Marilyn’s tight facial skin looked like a result of facelift. This is possible because, Marilyn Denis is 56 years old now. there’s no way someone could maintain their face with no sagging skin except they got facelift.

and another surgery that she might have is lip injection. It was seen by comparing the pictures. She looked having a more nutritious lips. She might think that bu having lip augmentation, she could get a more perfect look for her age.

How do you see her current face? Does it look great? or plastic?


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