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Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox, Facelift

Plastic surgery is not always a good thing to save your old day. There are many cases that showed us about the cruel plastic surgery. You might remember what happen to the late Joan Rivers who got fail plastic surgery. And it seems happen to Marlo Thomas now.

Marlo Thomas, an American actress looked so plastic today. Her current appearance showed that some plastic surgery procedures had made his face different. Her face got so frozen.Seeing from her current appearance, it seems Marlo Thomas had gone under two common procedures like facelift and botox injection.

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox, Facelift
Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox, Facelift

Both botox and facelift are two common plastic surgeries that were done to fight the aging. Marlo might get those two, but it is overdone. An amount of botox had been injected on her forehead. This area looked so flawless with no wrinkles left. Even though the wrinkles had been swept out, her face now turned unnatural. She looked having a difficulty in moving her face.

The facelift was actually expected to make a good combination with botox. This procedure made her face tighter. However, the facelift even made her face too tight and lost the natural look. The facelift had gone wrong.

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After
Marlo Thomas plastic surgery Before and AfterMarlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After

Talking about the result of the plastic surgery, we guess Marlo got a wrong decision to have those two. It didn’t help anything. She just got flawless look. But she need to accept the fact that she had lost her natural look now.  Sometimes Mrs Marlo need to rethink about a healthier lifestyle. Plastic surgery enhancement is a shortcut of beauty and also a disaster.

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