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Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mary Louise Parker, 50, is no longer young. But she still looked fresh young and beautiful. That’s why the people speculated that Mary might get some plastic surgery enhancements to make it. Some plastic surgeries that she actually did included botox, facelift, breast implants, rhinoplasty.

Considering from her age which has been 50 now, she actually has a reason to do plastic surgeries. She is getting older and the aging had already come to her face.

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery, Botox, Facelift, Nose job
Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery, Botox, Facelift, Nose job

The facelift and botox injection were two popular procedures to make someone’s appearance younger. Mary might get it as well. It was seen from her face. She didn’t get sagging skin. her facial skin looked tight and fresh. it might be caused by the facelift. While the botox injection might also be one by her. You can see from her flawless forehead area. We can’t find any signs of wrinkles or lines on it. The result of those surgery looked great and nice. It’s not overdone.

Another enhancement on her face, rhinoplasty (nose job) had made the shape of the nose better than before. the bridge of her nose looked thinner now, and the tip was also reshaped to be as smaller one.

Beside her rejuvenation program which run successfully, Mary also did an enhancement on her body. It is a breast implants.

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Breast Implants.
From many photos spread in internet, the change of the breast size looked obvious. Her breast looked bigger and rounder now. She might want to have sexy body like other younger woman even though her age was over 40 now.

Overall, Mary Louise Parker had done good decision. We appreciated that she is not afraid of the plastic surgery risk. She is so lucky that everything was done well. however, she still need to reconsider to live in more natural way before she went too far.

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