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Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Gone wrong Before and After

Plastic surgery can attract many people to enhance their appearance. They will get the best look if they smartly choose the good plastic surgeon and not to aggressively used.

Mary Tyler Moore is an example of how poor plastic surgery could be. What happen to her appearance? You can see from her current appearance. The plastic surgery didn’t work as well as she had expected. It has gone wrong.

Mary Tyler had done multiple plastic surgeries, including facelift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), Botox injection, and some dermal fillers.

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery
Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Through Facelift and botox injection
the first procedure that must be done by Mary were botox and facelift. As you have known that Mary’s problem is aging. And both botox and facelift are known as the most popular procedures that could handle this problem. but, Mary didn’t get the best combination. Both procedure created bad result. Her flawless fore head looked too unnatural, while the facelift didn’t work well. Her face didn’t look younger. It even looked scarier. She completely lost her natural beauty. She got one of the worst plastic surgeries ever.

the other two enhancements that made her face worse, were the eyelid surgeries and the fillers injections
eyelid surgeries

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After
Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After

the eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) had been used by many old celebrity to rejuvenate they eyes. It refreshed the eyes by removing the wrinkles and bags surround it. In Mary’s case, the eyelid surgery made her eyes weird, unsymmetrical, and unbalanced. It looked so bad.

fillers injection

the sign of fillers can be seen clearly from the structure of her face. the cheek and some parts of her face looked o puffy and swollen.

talking about her current look, Mary Tyler got a very horrible plastic surgery.There’s no beautiful point shown on her face. She might feel depressed with it.

However, it’s fortunate that Mary still looked a bit confident even though that bad thing happen to her life

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