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Marysol Patton Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift, Nose Job

Marysol Patton is known well as The real Housewife’s star. She is currently 46 years old. Even though she has been nearly 50, but her charm and hot appearance still make a lot of people in awe. Beside that, whenever the people compare the before and after pictures of her. They realize that Marysol today looked so much different from she used to be. It seems, she had got botox injection, facelift and nose job as well.

Marysol Patton Plastic Surgery Before and After
Marysol Patton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox injection
the first procedure that she took was the botox. This procedure is actually very popular in the world. It is the reason why many old people in entertainment world looked fresh and younger. Marysol might get this too, Moreover she has been old enough to try. As the result, Marysol today looked having fresher face without wrinkles.

the second procedure was the facelift. You may take a look at her face today. It appeared very smoothly and youthful right? Honestly, many women in the same age as her won’t have that smooth look without something done. Marysol even don’t have any sagging skin left. She looked 10 years younger than she must be.

Marysol Patton Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Marysol Patton Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job
Beside her rejuvenated appearance, Marysol also got another enhancement on her face. she got a nose job (medically known as rhinoplasty). compare to the previous one, the new nose looked having narrower shape.
Beside that she also got the tip cut nicely and become more pointed.

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