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Matt LeBlanc Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Matt LeBlanc, 48, is known well as an actor. One of his popular role in TV shows was Joey Tribbiani of FRIENDS (1994-2004). He played alongside Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, etc.  You know that the female stars in this sitcom had already been listed in plastic surgery users. Jennifer Aniston got multiple nose job, Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox got botox injection. Many people wondered if Matt LeBlanc did the same thing.

Matt LeBlanc Plastic Surgery Spculation
Matt LeBlanc Plastic Surgery Speculation

A decade has past since the last episode of FRIENDS, Matt has been nearly half of century.  He’s not young anymore. How is his current appearance? He still looks fresh. But he looks a bit different. Some people thought that he may get beauty enhancement to keep his appearance fresh. However, most of the people didn’t think so.

What makes him different? It was his hair. Matt let his hair turned grey.

Matt LeBlanc Plastic Surgery Rumor
Matt LeBlanc Plastic Surgery Rumor


There’s no clear signs of plastic surgery usage. The thread of Matt LeBlanc plastic surgery maybe just a pure speculation. If only he really did a cosmetic surgery, he may get a few amount of botox. But his forehead didn’t show it.

We believed that He was blessed with good gene. He’s aging well. And he didn’t need to do anything to improve his look. Staying natural with healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep fresh look.

The only enhancement that he may get was teeth whitening or veneers. You may compare his teeth in the before and after picture.  What do you have in mind about Matt LeBlanc plastic surgery? Leave your comment in the available box.

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