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Meagan Good Plastic Surgery Before and After

Meagan Good, 33, has become a hot topic for years due to her beauty enhancement. Yes, Meagan, the American actress was said having plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Despite this news is no longer new, but the thread of Meagan Good plastic surgery is still nice to discuss. Talking about plastic surgery in America, this procedure has become a need for many celebrities. Commonly, they want to solve the aging problem or enhance their appearance to be better.

However not all plastic surgery cases ran successfully. Kim Novak, Axl Rose, Carla Bruni, Melissa Rivers are some stars who got surgery gone wrong.

What kinds of plastic surgery that Meagan Good get?

Meagan Good Plastic Surgery
Meagan Good Plastic Surgery

Meagan Good plastic surgery was seen from the shape of her breasts. She clearly made her boobs bigger and rounder than it used to be. That was a breast implants. Meagan used to have B cup breasts. With the beauty shortcut, Meagan now looked having bigger and hotter breasts. Meagan looked so confident with her look. The big breasts made her even hotter and sexier as well.

Meagan Good Breast Implants
Meagan Good Breast Implants

Beside having breast implants (boob job), she was also reported having botox and fillers injection.

The sign of botox injection was seen from her smooth forehead. She got a smooth and wrinkle-less forehead. The people believed that it was the botox which has removed those annoying signs of aging. While, the fillers injection might be injected in the cheek and the lip area. Both part of her face, looked fuller.

However, those fillers injection speculation were still debatable. Some media also reported that the make up technique could be the secret of this. The make up had made an illusion that made her face fresh as always.

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