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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster Before and After

Meg Ryan is known well as an actress of many romantic comedy movies. She used to appear as a very attractive and gorgeous actress in the past. Nowadays, in the age of 50, Meg Ryan might be inspired to have youthful look like she used to be. And the plastic surgeries were the shortcut that she takes. To rejuvenate her look, Meg Ryan got botox, fillers injection, eyelid surgery, facelift, and necklift

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before and After
Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox and Facelift
as many people know that botox and facelift are two procedures which is usually used by the people to fight the aging. Meg Ryan might do these things too. Seen from her face, meg ryan now looked having flawless face.
the botox injection had removed all the wrinkles, while the facelift had made her face tighter and fresh.

this procedure has a same way to facelift. but the necklift was done on the neck area. As you can see now that her neck look so fresh without sagging skin that should appear. this is a nice procedures to rejuvenate the look of body.

Eyelid Surgery.
By looking at her eyes you can see it obviously, for a woman in that age Meg looked having fresh eyes. The eyelid surgery had already made the bags under her eyes removed. And the wrinkles surround her eyes had been refreshed too.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery
Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Those three things might be considered as a nice works and not a problem. The main problem that made her face looked bad was the caused by the fillers injection that she got. especially on her lips. Meg got her lips injected and made it so plump. Her lips looked too thick to be natural. The shape of the lips reminded us to a clown. This is a plastic surgery disaster.

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