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Megyn Kelly Nose Job Before and After

Megyn Kelly is not an actress. But her name is quite popular among the people in America. She is actually an anchor for fox news. and her shocking news through plastic surgery even made the people more curious. The 44 years old mother looked having some plastic surgery procedures in order to refine her look.And the most interesting part of the changes was the nose shape. A nose job might have reshaped her nose few years ago.

Megyn Kelly Nose Job Before and After
Megyn Kelly Nose Job Before and After

Nose Job

this procedure was also best known as rhinoplasty (in medical words). You might compare between her appearance before and after. Te change on the nose looked so obvious. Previously, the shape of the nose looked nice and match naturally for her face. Sadly, the surgery was not done well.It even made her face looked strange. Her nose got crooked. The plastic surgeon didn’t give good result for her. And Megyn Kelly chose to keep hiding it and ignore any rumors.

beside the shocking nose job, it seems the facelift and botox also got roles in rejuvenating her face. Botox and facelift made her face even younger.She didn’t look like 44 years old women in the commons. The facelift had tightened her facial skin while the botox had removed the wrinkles on her face too.

The rejuvenating process looked nicely done, but the nose job seems ruining her expectation to get the best look. What do you think of it?

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