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Melody Thomas Scott Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

Melody Thomas Scott is popularly known as Nikki Newman on the soap opera, The young and Restless. Melody, 58, looked fantastic today. As everybody know that she is not young lady anymore. She is nearly 60. But her appearance looked much younger than her age.

Melody Thomas scott Plastic Surgery before and After facelift
Melody Thomas scott Plastic Surgery before and After facelift

This is a shocking fact. Many people asked how she could be that youthful. Therefore, some of them speculated plastic surgery as her beauty secret.

There’s not much difference between her young picture and the current one. She today looked much younger than she must be. That’s the difference. the people believed that she had gone under the knife, at least a facelift.


The facelift is one of the best procedure to fight the aging. There’s no doubt if a lot of people, especially the celebrity would take this procedure and made theirself younger. Melody might very pleased with her decision. She did a right choice. The procedure had successfully refresh her appearance.

She doesn’t have any sagging skin or wrinkles on her face. She completely look so good for a woman in that age. More importantly, the facelift ran well and not overdone. She looked naturally young and beautiful.
Some people asked whether she ever feel old or not so far. What do you think of it? She looks so fantastic doesn’t she?

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