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Michelle Obama Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

American people, especially the celebrities are so close to beauty enhancement like plastic surgery. This procedure has been the first option as a beauty problem solver. Most of the celebrities got plastic surgery to make their appearance better or keep them away from the aging problem. The plastic surgery doesn’t only attract celebrities. Many politicians also got the same procedures. Ann Romney, Sarah Palin, Hillary are some of them. How is Michelle Obama plastic surgery speculation? Was it true? The first lady in America was also rumored having plastic surgery as the way she keep her fresh look. However, it was still debatable.

Michelle Obama Plastic Surgery Before and After
Michelle Obama Plastic Surgery Before and After

Michelle Obama has been 51 years old. She maintained her beauty nicely. That’s why the thread of Michelle Obama plastic surgery can’t be avoided. She was reported having some procedure at least botox injection and fillers injection. It was considered from her smooth face. She appeared with no wrinkles o her forehead. The people assumed that it was the effect of botox injection. Mrs. Obama might be helped by some fillers injection too. We didn’t find any major work like facelift on her face.

How was her response about it?

Reported in dailymail UK, Michelle Obama told the media that she has never do any kinds of plastic surgery or get botox injection. She explained that she got her fresh look through healthy lifestyle. She eats vegetables and fruits. And she also does some exercises to keep her body fit.

Michelle Obama Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Even though she denied all the speculation. She also told that she learned to never say never. Michelle Obama claimed that she was not anti-plastic surgery. She believed that the people got their own freedom and right to do many tings to make them comfortable.

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