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Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After Chin Implants

if you are a Youtubers, than you should know this woman clearly. Michelle Phan is not an actress, but she is best known as a youtube celebrity. She is quite popular in this site because Michele Phan love to share her make up tutorial video. Many people especially women loved her so much. she even got millions off subscribers.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After
Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After

However, the fans and the people feel shocked after seeing her current look. it’s not about her make up technique, but it’s plastic surgery procedures that she got. Michelle Phan looked different.

Michelle Phan was reported having some enhancements. The American lady was said having a chin implant. it was found by the people after seeing her pictures. And according to one of her fans in medias, Michelle got her chin implants in 2012 when she went to Singapore.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Chin Implants
Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Chin Implants

The plastic surgery result looked so obvious. Her chin looked more pointed now. She got a more oval face now. And she looked more beautiful.
But, the people and fans seems having negative responses. Some of them even expresses their disappointment with a comment. They explained that, they feel disappointed because Michele, the guru of make up, made herself more beautiful with plastic surgery, not her make up technique.

Talking about the plastic surgery she got, Michelle Phan has not explained it yet. the people are still waiting about the truth. We wondered what will happen to her popularity in Youtube. Are you one of her fan? What do you think of it? Does she really need plastic surgery to enhance her appearance?

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