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Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Picture

Micky Rourke had starred on several great movies including Iron Man 2 and The expandable. He is another actor who has strong character like Sylvester Stallone. Nowadays when his age is getting older. mickey had ever been trapped in plastic surgery black hole. And now he had been resurrected with a better look.

Mickey had a frightening story with plastic surgery. He was even listed as one of the worst plastic surgery ever.

as you know that Mickey Rourke is no longer young. he has past the half of century. he might have a great willing to be more youthful and fight aging. But he stepped on a wrong way. Some plastic surgery that he got including nose ob, eyelid surgery and terrible facelift.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After
Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery attraction is quite high in Hollywood, most of celebrities had one under the knife, just few of them who can avoid this trend. In mickey’s plastic surgery cases, the procedure had changed his appearance a lot.

the rhinoplasty (nose job)
the nose job was said as one of his plastic surgery. but this is not truly called an enhancement.he got his nose job due to he ever got problem with it.He got his nose broken and need to fix. that’s why he went under a rhinoplasty.
in an interview, he stated that his nose had been broken twice, and the cheek too.

the facelift

he might feel depressed after having a facelift, it is unpredictably made his appearance looked so weird and different. the facelift looked too aggressive. His face was so plastic and frozen. he was almost unrecognizable. The facelift completely removed all the sagging skin and wrinkles on his face.but it had taken away his natural appearance too.

the eyelid surgery enhancement.
he got this procedure to refresh his eye. the result was nice but it didn’t help anything to refine his overaggressive facelift.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery
Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

His resurrection

Those terrible nightmare had gone now. He had been resurrected with a better appearance. He had already brought back his strong appearance in the past. some viewers believed that he got further enhancement.
Seeing from his current appearance, he might get liposuction under his jaw area or got great exercises. Her face looked great in a V shape face.

he also grew mustache and beard. he looked so Man. For a 62 years old man, he still looked so great and attractive. not all old men could be that charming.

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