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Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Mike Jeffries is not an actor, but he is quite popular as a business man. What make the businessman brought to this site? It’s due to his appearannce that looked so plastic.
The CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch Co was said having some cosmetic surgery to make his face fresher and younger. However, the plastic surgery didn’t run as he expected. Mike, 70, must accept the risk for himself.

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Before and After
Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Before and After

Some procedures that he got including botox, facelift, nose job, and lip injection.

The botox and facelift

These kinds of procedures are mostly used by old people. They hoped that by having botox and facelift, they can get fresher face and fight the aging. Unfortunately, Mike didn’t get the best shot. the botox and facelift even made him looked frozen. He looked having difficulty to move his face.

the botox injection had removed all the wrinkles o his forehead. It left no lines. he looked so unnatural for a ma in that age. While the facelift helped him to keep away fro the sagging skin. His face looked very tight. it was really clear as the result of facelift.

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery
Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery

Nose Job
Many people think of how much he spent money for the surgeries. Even though they know that he would never get problem with the cost. The 70 years old man also spent few of his money to make a new nose. h wen under a ose job (rhinoplasty).

By comparing the pictures, you can see that the nose job reshaped the nose a bit. In the past, Mike had wide nose with big tip. aAfter the rhinoplasty, the nose turned slightly narrower, an the tip also got a new shape. We can’t say that the nose job was not good but, some people think that the previous one look more natural.

Lip injection

Another enhancement that he got was the lip injection. You can see easily how the lip injection give effect to the shape of his lips. It looked thicker and more nutritious. It looked weird. However, for several times, the people criticized that the lip injection was unneeded.

The people know that his age is absolutely the reason why he got botox and facelift, but the nose job and the lip injection was in different cases. It’s unimportant.

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