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Mila Kunis Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Breast Implants

Mila Kunis might be one of the most popular actress nowadays. The 31 years old as even listed among 100 sexiest women in the world. We think she deserved to get this. Her appearance looked very attractive and hot. A a popular actress, Mila Kunis can’t avoid many rumors approaching her. One of them is the plastic surgery speculation. She was said having plastic surgery to enhance her look. The thread of Mila Kunis Plastic Surgery is still a nice topic to discuss in some forums.

What kinds of plastic surgery that she got?

The obvious changes were seen from the shape of her breast and nose. That means she might get surgery through nose job and breast implants.

Mila Kunis Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Mila Kunis Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Mila Kunis Nose job is clearly seen. In the before and after picture, you might realize the change. In the past, Mila Kunis used to have wider nose. The  tip also looked rounder. After the nose job, the her nose has been reshaped to a narrower shape, while the tip was nicely cut to be smaller.

This speculation had attracted a lot of people. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden even share her opinion related to Mila’s new nose. She stated that Mila Kunis plastic surgery through nose job might be not just a rumor. Dr. Walden noticed that Mila’s nose looked having a reconstructive procedure that made her nose turn  different. She also impress with the nose job work. It looked match and beautiful for Mila Kunis’ pretty face.

Mila Kunis Breast Implants
Mila Kunis Breast Implants

Further, Mila Kunis might get breast implants too. By comparing the pictures, you can see that her new breast looked bigger and rounder than before. By having the perfect breasts, Mila Kunis appeared sexier and hotter too.

What do you have in mind about this Ashton Kutcher’s sweetheart? She looks hot, doesn’t she?

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