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Ming Na Wen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ming Na Wen is very popular actress from America. She was born in Macau and she reached success in American entertainment industry. She had already starred several top movies. And currently she is starring “Agents of SHIELD series”.

Ming Na Wen Plastic Surgery
Ming Na Wen Plastic Surgery

There’s an interesting fact about Ming Na Wen. She has been 51 years old, but she looked so ageless and always beautiful. Many people wondered what the secret behind er beauty. They even assumed that The Chun-Li of Street Fighter had done some plastic surgery procedures to keep her beauty. That’ why in some forums, Ming Na Wen Plastic surgery becomes nice topic.

By comparing her appearance from the pictures, it seems she had done some procedures like Botox, facelift, double eyelid surgery.

Facelift and botox injection

In America, these kinds of procedures had become very popular among the celebrities, especially for them who has reached 30 years. Considering from Ming Na Wen’s smooth and youthful look, she must have done both.   You can see that, even though she has past half of century, Ming Na Wen still had wrinkle-less face. This could be the result of botox injection usage.

Moreover, her facial skin also got tight without sagging skin. We doubt if it was naturally treated. The facelift might take a big role in face rejuvenation.

Ming Na Wen Plastic Surgery Before and After
Ming Na Wen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Double eyelid surgery

Min Na Wen looked having different shape of eyes. Compare to her previous look, the current eyes is sweeter and looks more western. However,some people seems disagree if she got double eyelid, because in this modern technology,with some technique of make up, the use could make the eyes bigger as well.

Agent Melinda May looked so amazing this day. She also appeared with a very attractive look in Agent of SHIELD. What do you have in mind after seeing her current look? Did you see any difference cause by surgery too? Share your comment sin the available box


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