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Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Minka Kelly, 35, is a really attractive and beautiful actress. The people know that Minka also got curvaceous body shape. That’s why she was listed among the Sexiest Women Alive. Talking about her sexy body, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer had noticed that Minka may have some beauty enhancements for the perfect look. The doctor even mentioned nose job, boob job, botox, and some fillers injection.

Minka Kelly Nose Job
Minka Kelly Nose Job

Minka Kelly plastic surgery speculation is quite popular among the fans and internet surfers. Some of them did agree with the doctor. Her current boobs might be the result of breast augmentation. But, some reports stated that Minka had decided against it.

Minka Kelly Botox and fillers injection

The usage of botox and fillers are no longer new thing. The young stars and the veteran did it for some reasons. You might remember Kylie Jenner (18), she had got her lips done (read more about Kylie Jenner plastic surgery).

Minka Kelly may have the fillers done too. The sign of fillers was seen from the shape of her lips and the cheek. She may get some amount of fillers to keep her face fresh with fuller look. As the result her lips looked more juicy.

And for the forehead area, Minka may have regular botox injection. It certainly keep her away from the signs of aging like wrinkles or lines.

Minka Kelly Nose Job

The change on her nose looks so obvious. Compared to her previous look (compare the before and after picture above), Minka used to have a more bulbous tip. The rhinoplasty had reconstructed it. Her new nose looked having straighter shape with smaller tip. Minka Kelly nose job was done well.. More importantly she is still recognizable.

Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Boob Job
Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Minka Kelly Boob Job

Another possible plastic surgery was the boob job. Dr. Michael Salzhauer in 2010 ever noticed of a boob job possibility. You might have the same idea. Minka Kelly Before and after picture can show you. The before picture was her appearance in 2007. And the after picture is Minka Kelly in 2016. It looks so obvious that her boobs turned bigger. Don’t you believe it?

What do you think of Minka Kelly plastic surgery? Was it just a speculation? Leave ytour opinion in the available box.

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