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Monica Keena Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants

You might know well Dawson Creek’s TV series. In thsi program, Monica Keena appeared as Abby Morgan. Monica Keena, 35 recently become hot tpoic in many forums. The peole noticed that she looked different today. They even assumed that Monica had gone under some procedures to get some enhancements for her appearance. She might get botox injection, fillers and also breast implants.

Monica Keena Plastic Surgery
Monica Keena Plastic Surgery

Botox injection

Commonly many women will feel worry about their appearance when they stepped on the 30 years of age. Monica has been over 30, she might have reconsidered to get some botox to stay youthful. This popular procedure had taken a big role in refining her face. It was the reason why she got her face wrinkle-less and flawless. Those sign os aging had been recovered. However, some people didn’t think that the botox help her. She even looked a bit frozen and unnatural.

fillers injection
the second procedure was the fillers injection. The fillers might have been injected in the lips area. the lips looked fuller and more nutritious that it used to be.

Monica Keena Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Monica Keena Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Breast implants
Another enhancement that made her so different lately was the size of her breast. Honestly, it appeared so unnatural for her body. The changed looked too drastic. The boob job has been done by many celebrities. But in Monica’s case, the breast implants was done a bit overdone. She looked so curvy today, but,we guessed, she would be better to stay without implants. it looked a bit too fake.

Talking about her appearance, we can’t list it as bad surgery. It’s just overdone. she is so lucky that the surgery didn’t ruin her appearance completely like many other plastic surgery victims.

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