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Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nancy Pelosi is not a celebrity. But She is quite popular in America as a veteran female politician. She is currently 74 years old. If you see her current appearance, you might feel surprised and wondered, how can a woman looked younger than her actual age. It reminded us to another female politician, Hillary Clinton who successfully got facelift. it seems Nancy Pelosi also made something done on her face. At least she went trough facelift, botox injection and eyelid surgery. we have known  that  this surgery is quite popular as aging problem solvers.

Nancy Polesi Plastic Surgery
Nancy Polesi Plastic Surgery

Botox injection

this procedure had been so easy to get. This even become the first option that many celebrities and popular people chose to make their appearance younger. the botox helped the user by removing the wrinkles and lines on their face. Seeing from Nancy’s smooth look, we believed that she had gone under botox injection regularly for years.

Nancy Polesi Plastic Surgery Before and After
Nancy Polesi Plastic Surgery Before and After


The facelift is commonly combined with botox injection. This combination can bring back someone’s younger look, if only the work was done well and not overdone. The facelift had re-tightened Nancy’s facial skin. This is the reason why Nancy didn’t look old. She even had no sagging skin.

Eyelid Surgery

Another surgery that refresh her face was the eyelid surgery (it’s called blepharoplasty in medical word). The sign of eyelid surgery was seen from her current eyes condition. It still looked great and fresher. It didn’t have any wrinkles surround it. we also didn’t find any bags under her eyes.

Talking about Nancy Pelosi plastic surgery today, she looked so youthful for a woman in the same age, 70s. The plastic surgery speculations can’t be denied. Not many old women would do the same. as you know that plastic surgery has its own risk. If only the surgery was not done well, the use can end like Kim Novak, Pete Burns, and many more.

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