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Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Naomi Campbell is known well as an actress, singer and model. The 45 years old British lady was also listed among the plastic surgery users. The sign of the beauty enhancements were seen clearly on her appearance. She has changed a lot.  Naomi Campbell plastic surgery has been discussed by the people. And it was still debatable. Naomi herself even denied all the rumors. She claimed that she was blessed with beautiful look with no plastic surgery. She also told the media that she was frightened of plastic surgery use.

Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor
Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor

Despite her denial, the people are still sure if Naomi Campbell plastic surgery was not only a rumor. Based on the news, she possibly got some procedures including botox, fillers injection, nose job and breast implants.

Botox and Fillers injection

the use of botox is no longer new thing among the celebrities. Naomi may have an amount of botox too. This thing is the most reasonable answer that made her face free from wrinkles. Naomi’s face looks so smooth now. While  the sign of fillers injection was clearly seen from the shape of her cheek. Both side of the cheeks appear with fuller shape. This could be caused y the fillers like juvederm or restylane.

Naomi Campbell Nose Job
Naomi Campbell Nose Job

Nose Job

Beside rejubenating her look through botox, there were also major work on her body. Those are the nose and the boobs. Now you may take  a look at the shape of her nose. Did you see the change in the before and after picture? Compared to her previous nose, the new one looked slimmer with a straighter shape. The nose looks good and more refined. It remind us to another great singer, Beyonce plastic surgery through nose job. The diva also did the same thing to enhance her look. How do you see Naomi Campbell nose job? Don’t you agree?

Naomi Campbell Breast Implants
Naomi Campbell Breast Implants

Breast Implants

 another plastic surgery that she possibly got was the boob job. This procedure made her boobs bigger and rounder than she used to have. Her current body looks curvier now. Knowing that she may enhanced her appearance through surgery, some people wondered if she got butt implants in the future.

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