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Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Nose Job

Naya Rivera is a growing starlet in the Hollywood scene. From growing up as a child actress on ‘The Royal Family’ as Hillary Winston to grabbing the American screen’s attention as Santana Lopez on ‘Glee’, she has paved a great starting career out for herself.

She is also known by many for previously being in a relationship, and for a short period of time being engaged to, rapper Big Sean. At this time, she also tried to start a music career, but it didn’t skyrocket after her first single being a colossal flop. It seems that Naya Rivera has shown that she is a primadonna to keep an eye out for.

But now she’s gotten herself locked up in the public eye for topics other than acting. She is quickly being known for not her body transformation in the past few years. It is impossible to not notice the difference between the starlet between 2012 and how she looks now in her young 29-year-old age. Plastic surgery and body augmentation have become something to expect from this up and comer. But what exactly has she had done? And does she plan to have more done in the future?

One thing we can guarantee is that multiple accounts of augmentation work has been performed on Naya Rivera over the years; and, it seems that she has been trying out more and more as the time passes. So, we assume that as the years keep going on, only more will be queuing up.

But right here we are going to have a breakdown of all Naya Rivera’s plastic surgeries, especially her more obvious changes with her nose job and breast implants. Keep reading to get all the info.


Before The Surgery

Before any surgeries had been done, Rivera had been known for taking down about her nose to make up artists on the sets of Glee and music related properties. However, other than that inside intel, there are no relevant accounts of dissatisfaction with her facial features or body build before her surgery spree started.

Though there are a lot of fans of Naya Rivera who oppose to her surgeries, claiming that she was much more beautiful before them, Rivera continues to advocate positively for body augmentation as a form of free expression (much like a hair dye job or an outrageous wardrobe.)

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Jobs

This is the first spark of plastic surgery madness seen in Ms. Rivera. Fans made an immediate uproar after a new celebrity photo shot in the June of 2007 made its way into a magazine. The obviously noticeable difference in her nose shape had jarred the public. Why would an already beautiful girl want to change such a vital facial feature?

Many speculate that her dissatisfaction of her nose on the small screen sparked this planed out rhinoplasty (medical terminology for a common nose job). In the late Fall of 2014, a touch up on the nose reshaping was done, and once again fans called out in outcry. The change in facial structure was once again noticeably obvious.

Rumors speculated around the pressure of Hollywood causing the teen star to get such a surgery; however, Naya Rivera herself dispelled these rumors by admitting to the public that she had had nose surgeries. Once ashamed to admit it, Rivera is now proud and an advocate for the changing of one’s born facial features. In factor, or expressing yourself in the way you want to be presented.

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants
Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants

Breast Implants

The issue of breast implants quickly became a hot button topic for Naya Rivera fans in the middle of 2015. Many had claimed that in more recent photos, they suspected that the starlet had undergone the knife once again. Except this time, the speculation was about the augmentation of Rivera’s breasts.

Once again, Rivera denied the rumors and claimed that her breasts had not been altered surgically at all. However, after the release of her book, Sorry, Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up, in late September of 2016, Rivera admitted to her breast augmentation surgeries. She had gone under the knife twice. Once to have the implants placed properly, and a later second visit to have them properly lifted.

She is very happy with the surgeries results, and even answered to a report in one interview that the breast augmentation surgery was “the best eight thousand dollars she had ever spent.”


Lip Injections

It was near the beginning of the year 2015 that Rivera’s fans started to become truly concerned with her plastic surgery escapades. It was at this time that the Kardashian family was truly gaining momentum and many other celebrities followed their footsteps by trying to look quite similarly to them. And it seems that Naya Rivera is one of the many among that list.

At this time was when paparazzi and fans began to notice a change in the shape and fullness of River’s lips. The top lip especially seemed to be fatter and more precisely placed in her smiling features. The first speculation was that it had been actually lip surgery or the use of Botox.

The latter seems to be the true results. Although, Naya Rivera still denying the use of lip injections to this day, the fans can see the fluctuation in her lip shape from months after the Botox lip injections to the time after. So whether she decides to admit it or not, the fans have in fact spoken on her own behalf about the noticeable truth.

Multiple Eye Lifts

Also, going along with the Kardashian trend, many celebrities began having eye opening surgeries. These are called eye lifts, and they essentially do exactly that. The surgery involves the eye being lifted higher on the face by a few millimeters and then having the bottom lid widened to create an awake, wide open effect.

This is another piece of rumor and / or speculation about Naya Rivera’s multiple surgeries. However, it is hard to deny the change in eye shape in the comparison of the eye in her early photos of 2014 compared to the ones taken in 2015, 2016, and now in 2017.

Cheek Fillers

Cheek fillers are used by many people in show business to simulate the effect if full cheeks, dimples, and / or the heightened cheek bone. It is a short and time flying procedure, but when your face is on the flatter side, then your fillers and injection are much more easily noticeable.

This is the case for miss Naya Rivera. Her once flat cheeks and dimpled cheek bones are now stiffened and dead in pictures. Though she may not have admitted the procedure yet, and instead continues the defiance. It is pretty clear to us that cheek fillers have been used to enhance eth facial structure of her features.

Forehead Botox

This is the least concerning of all the surgeries because it is literally just one little hot into the place ordered to be sticked. In this particular case, the needle was placed into Naya Rivera’s forehead.

Now stiff and barely movable, people have noticed the immobility of Naya Rivera’s forehead and cheeks. More true to the Kardashian trend, it seems that Rivera has finally completed the Kardashian package by having her forehead and facial features frozen into one recognizable face.

Sadly, for her, Naya Rivera’s face looks more like a Kardashian rip off. So, her fans are soon identifying her by that identifying technique. Is this a good thing for Rivera or a horrible blow to her once loyal fan based from TV shows such as ‘Glee’?


Naya Rivera is quickly becoming a positive advocate for body augmentation as a cure for body dysphoria. This is not the only reason for her surgeries, but it is one she has used as a reason for her wanting her surgeries. This is a little unbelievable for our writers, but we can see the piece of truth inspiring her to say such.

The question now remains as to if this decision has helped or harmed her career? She has obviously gained some traction in the media for the surgeries, both good and bad. But she has also denied them all for lengthy periods of time before finally coming out and saying the truth on her conditions. The surgeries have been said to be her favorite changes about herself in terms of personality, clothing style, and makeup / hair. But is this a good thing or a disappointment to her faithful fan base?

But now we pass the torch onto you. We would like to hear from you all about your opinions on Naya Rivera’s life changing surgery list. Do you think that Naya Rivera’s surgeries are justified? Do you feel more comfortable seeking plastic surgery now that you have seen her results? Do you wish to no longer be her fan because of these personal life decisions?

Let us know with your comments below.

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