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Neil Patrick Harris Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Neil Patrick Harris, 42, is known well as a talented actor.  He had already spent a lot of time in this entertainment industry.  And he has changed. Neil Patrick Harris plastic surgery is no longer new story. This thread has been discussed few years ago. Makemeheal even reported that Neil maybe get benefit from some beauty enhancements like botox injection and chemical peel. Beside rejuvenating his look, he might get surgery on his ear as well.

Neil Patrick Harris Plastic Surgery Before and After
Neil Patrick Harris Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox injection and chemical peel

Who doesn’t know botox injection? This procedure has been used by may people to rejuvenate their look. The botox is usually used to refreshing the face by removing the wrinkles or lines. In Neil’s case, it seems an amount of botox injection was the main factor behind his smooth look. You can see that his forehead looked smooth and flawless. While the chemical peel also possibly help him in smoothing his skin.

Among the male celebrities, the use of botox injection was not new thing. Tom Cruise is one of actors who got the same thing. (read more about Tom Cruise plastic surgery here).

How was the ear surgery?

Neil Patrick Harris Ear Surgery
Neil Patrick Harris Ear Surgery

You can see the change in the before and after picture above. It was clearly seen that his ear has been reshaped. He got a more pointed ear now. In the before picture, Neil used to have wider ear.This procedure is not as popular as the other plastic surgery procedures. Fortunately,  Neil got this thing done well. What do you think of Neil Patrick Harris plastic surgery? Did he really need that?

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