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Nene Leakes Plastic Surgery Before and After

NeNe Leakes is best known for her appearance in The Real Housewives Atlanta. The 47 years old lady looks fresh and youthful. Don’t you know that Almost all the Real Housewives stars are listed among the plastic surgery users. Despite not all of them admitted doing it. Kandi Burruss also did some procedures. (Read more about Kandi buruss Plastic Surgery here)

NeNe Leakes Plastic Surgery
NeNe Leakes Plastic Surgery

How is NeNe Leakes plastic surgery? Nene had already gone under the knife. She even told about it publicly in 2010. She did some enhancement for her nose, boobs and the waist. She told that she wanted to be a better NeNe with new look. But she claimed that she didn’t want to do total change on her appearance.

NeNe Leakes nose job and breast implants

You can see the changes in the before and after picture. Nene’s current nose looked having slimmer shape. The previous one looked much bigger. The nose job itself has been so popular in America. Many celebrities had gone under the same procedure. Nene Leaked nose job was done pretty well. The new nose looked match for her face.  It can be seen that she felt more confident after making her nose slimmer.

NeNe Leakes Plastic Surgery before and After
NeNe Leakes Plastic Surgery before and After

Besides, Nene also admitted having small implants for her boobs. The procedure mad her body curvier and hotter. Of course, the liposuction also had big role in her new sexy body.

A plastic surgery expert, Dr. Anthony Youn shared his opinion to Radar Online in 2013 about Nene Leakes plastic surgery. He explained that Nene Leakes nose job and the other procedures were done well. She got fantastic plastic. The doctor also noticed botox injection and liposuction on her face. The effect of botox even made her eyebrow lifted nicely. And the liposuction had reformed the shape  of her chin.

Nene Leakes enjoyed her current appearance. She even looked more confident, even though some people thought if she was nearly unrecognizable.

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