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Net Worth Of Chance The Rapper

Chancelor Bennet a. k. a. Chance the Rapper is a newly emerging American Hip Hop artist who debuted in the year 2011. Since the rapper’s career has just begun a couple of years ago, we were explicitly sound to know that his net worth in 2015 is around $1.2 million, a worthy sum for a new starter who didn’t even performed much as of yet. While we will reflect on what short and simple stats we have of Chance the Rappers earnings, but in the meanwhile, we will take a brief look at his achievements and the way he has come down thus far since 2011. This American rapper has released 5 albums so far in which one of his album has earned him the breaking success that every artist needs to be recognized.

The net earnings he has made from his 5 albums are as follows:

  • LSD – $125, 000
  • 10 Day – $74, 000
  • National Geographical – $112, 000
  • Semi Detached – $165, 000
  • Acid Rap – $100, 000

As we can clearly see the highest grossing albums of Chance the Rapper has earned him some good cash as well as some much lesser than expected throughout his career. What will surprise the most of the people here is the inspiration, the idol of Chance the Rapper, which happens to be none other than Kayne West. The artist has mentioned in his interview that he is a big fan of Kayne West and has been listening to his songs since his earlier days. Chance the Rapper currently has an annual income of around $175, 000 and he make additionally $25, 000 annually by his show appearances and other exploits in the showbiz, a good for Kayne West fan I guess.

Now, if we shed a bit of light upon his net worth per year since he debuted, we have stats like the following:

  • 2011: $50,000
  • 2012: $200,000
  • 2013: $500,000
  • 2014: $850,000
  • 2015: $1,000,000

So, as we can see that as the years are climbing up in the career of this American rapper, the continual rise in his net worth value shows that he will become a very renowned and rich Hip Hop artist in America in the years to come. This success ladder actually depends more upon the diversity of the showbiz field than on the talent or skills of a person. However, by saying this, I certainly don’t mean that an artist of today in his early career can be simply compared to such giants like, say, Michael Jackson, one among the very handy few people who have revolutionized the music and entertainment industry based totally upon their great skills and talent. What I mean actually that Showbiz, and especially in today’s time, can already do much for an artist to bring him/her fame & wealth which he might not be able to get easily if he/her were to get it based totally upon their skills or talents.

However, since this is a discussion which we can do on some other time, let us now conclude this article on a well-wishing note for Chance the Rapper that may he be able to get more success and create more good music for his fans in the coming years, thus multiplying his wealth from $1.2 million to many more millions as well.

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