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Net Worth Of P Diddy 2016 (How He Had Earned His Wealth & Money)

Born on November 4th, 1969 in Harlem New York. P .Diddy started his career in the entertainment industry as a dancer, showing up in a couple of music videos. P .Diddy became aware of the studio system as well as realized that people are earning real money were the producers and determined that he wanted to achieve that as well. In the early nineties, he met with the owner of Uptown Records, a freshly founded company, and asked them if he might work for them on a voluntary basis. And soon he was employed and some time later the producer left the company, making space for P Diddy to accomplish his dreams. He would drop out of college to fully focus on the company.

Following a number of successful releases, P Diddy started behaving very arrogant, grew and became unrestrainable and was dismissed from his position in the year 1993. He was distraught and begged for his employment back, however to no avail. Being at home sans contact with the outside world for sometimes nights to recover, P.Diddy eventually switched on his cell phone to get a lot of offers from various production companies. He signed a deal with Arista Records to create a new label, Bad Boy Records, in a part ownership deal. The label was monumentally profitable, producing material for Mary J. Blige as well as, most famously The Notorious B.I.G.

It was after B.I.G.’s death (RIP) that P Diddy launched his debut album lastly stepping into the format that he would be most common for. The record sold very well and coupled with his new clothing company, Sean John, created the bedrock of his new entrepreneurial empire. P .Diddy has annual earnings of $60 million. Thinking about his present net worth it will take him just 4 and a half years to break $1 billion, to become the 2nd “recording artist” to do so, following Madonna, in case Dr. Dre doesn’t beat him to it. He has a significant stake in a television network and he was even cast in several movies.

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