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Net worth of Rapper Rocko

Known as Rocko, the rapper’s birth name is “Rodney Ramone Hill, Jr”, he begins his career at Triple-A records, which was owned by his cousin. He worked there as a producer and ghostwriter. It prove to be a great opportunity for him as he begins his professional music career in a fully musical environment. In the year 2012, he created his own recording house as “Rocky Road Records”. This idea was all because of his work in the success of Hitman Sammy Sam.

Rocko Net Worth: $1,000,000

Yearly income: $1,520,000

Birth name: Rodney Ramone Hill, Jr

Albums Earning

Real Spill: $83,333

Honest: $62,500

Pluto: $57,143

Wildlife: $51,282

Self-Made: $43,478

All together: $297,737

Rocko owns 3 cars currently, Mercedes Benz S63, Maybach 57 and Rolls Royal Phantom which Rocko purchased for $142,000, $376,000 and $470,000. He currently holds a net worth of around $1 Million.

From his own Rocky Road Records stage, Rocko played a great role in the development of people like “young Dro” and “Dem Franchize Boyz”. At that time, they were learning but later appeared to be talented artists. Rocko’s first breakthrough was his own lyrics written song No Wack Artist (NWA), this hit gave his a nice entry in the music industry. In the year 2008, Rocko launched his debut studio album, Self-Made. This album was a huge hit as well as won different awards in different categories.

Rocko encountered some serious criticisms for his song UO.E.N.O A. over 72 thousand signatures was against him after the petition which was caused on the lyrics he made use of which targets date rape. The outcome, regardless of his many apologies, he was unemployed by reebok.

In my opinion, Rocko eventually developed himself in the industry but due to his albums, dispute, and criticism he wasn’t able to achieve a perfect rapper position. Rocko was trained in a fully musical world but unfortunately that didn’t help him a lot.

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