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Net Worth of Shawna Rashawnna Guy In 2016 ($2 Million)

Daughter of “Buddy Guy”, a successful and famous artist, known as “Shawna” and “Rashawnna Guy” she currently holds a net worth of around $2 Million.

Her early income is around 900$ thousand. Nowadays there are not a great number of female rappers in the industry. Though I believe Rashawnna is among the few female rapper who are still surviving respectable and famous in the music industry.

Name: Shawna

Net Worth of Shawna: $2 Million

Yearly income: $900 thousand

Other nicknames: “Rashawnna Guy”

Hip Hop is a pretty difficult field and it is really hard to discover a talent like Shawnna these days. Her songs always contain a variety of emotions in them, from difficulties of life to the happiness of it. She has some great passion for music and her skills show that.

But that doesn’t mean she is not struggling for her place in the industry. From nearly 12 years she is trying to grab the attention of peoples and become the best and get famous just like the male rappers. Her passion cannot be defined. Since her father “Buddy Guy” was among the best musician of his time. Regardless of having an amazing guide and supporter in the form of her father. Shawna did all her work by herself. Beginning with a band to show her skills, Shawna keeps growing in the music industry.

The singer is holding a net worth of $2 Million. She isn’t among the richest rappers or have a very strong finance but I believe she will be ending with at least $7 Million in next 5 years. Shawna is additionally on of the less female rappers to be getting her song positioned at #1 in charts.

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