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Net Worth Of Snoop Dog In 2016

Snoop Dogg, the dog-faced American rapper, is indeed a considerable wealthy person in the year 2015. According to an official estimation, this American rapper has a net worth of more $135 million in 2015. The reason for such wealth is the quality and popularity of Snoop Dogg, a rapper that is most in-demand and provides excellent quality rapping for any type of song. That’s why he is highly demanded in the American singing industry as a rapper. In America, or outside America, wherever rap genre is loved, Snoop Dogg is a must favorite there. Born in America in 1971, Snoop Dogg begun his singing career in early 1992 and since then there was turning back for him.

Snoop Dog released his first solo album in 1993 known as “Doggy Style” which went on to become a big hit in America. It received a 4x platinum title by selling more than 1 million copies in just a week after its release. This success, coupled with many later on, made him a superstar in the rapping world within a short span of time, thus entering him already in the millions club. Like his instinct, the American rapper released another hugely popular album known as the “Doggy Father” which went on to receive the double platinum title. So, since 1993 Snoop Dogg has released 13 albums with the album “Bush” as his latest accomplishment in the music industry. So, the net worth and the yearly income of Snoop Dogg in 2015 are as follows:

Yearly income of Snoop Dogg: $14, 000, 000

Snoop Dogg net worth 2015: $135, 000, 000

Earnings of Snoop Dogg from his successful albums/songs:

Doggumentary – 8, 437, 500

The Last Meal – 5, 869, 565

Reincarnated – 11, 250, 000

Ego Trippin – 6, 923, 077

Malice n Wonderland 7, 714, 286

The Total Income earned from the above: $40, 194, 428

Snoop Dogg Net Worth In Different Years:

2011: $69, 230, 769

2012: $91, 525, 423

2013: $112, 500, 000

2014: $122, 500, 000

2015: $135, 000, 000

So, with all these net worth stats, Snoop Dogg has earned money from various other platforms such as TV shows as well. Snoop Dogg received many awards for acting and singing in different categories. According to another estimation, Snoop Dogg has been rewarded in 97 different varieties of privileged awards. So, a net worth of $135 million in 2015 of Snoop Dogg does make him a worthy and respectable artist in his niche. This rapper, throughout the years, has made himself one of the most recognized American rappers who has many famous singles to his credit, TV shows, and appearances with an estimated $14 million a year, Snoop Dogg has made himself a renowned entity in the showbiz industry. Plus, the special appearances and contracts he gets, he earns a lot of money from them as well. Well, let’s hope that Snoop Dogg continues to grow successfully in future as well.

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