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Net Worth of Soulja Boy 2016 (updated)

Full name: DeAndre Cortez Way

Net Worth of Soulja: $25,000,000

Yearly Money: $7,000,000

Popular as Rapper

Discography Names Earning from this Discography ($)

Shawty Boy $4,250,000

Paul Allen $4,000,000

Lil 100 $3,000,000

Dj Watts $2,530,000

M2ThaK $2,000,000

Total income from above list approximately $16 Million

Soulja Boy net worth per year

2011 $10,000,000

2012 $12,033,000

2013 $15,500,000

2014 $22,000,000

2015 $25M

Here firstly I’ll be telling you about the beginning of Soulja Boy’s career and, believe me, it’s totally cool! DeAndre didn’t begin his career like the way most people begin with instead Soulja Boy’s first debut album was a massive hit, it also received the certification status. And, Soulja Boy also gets #1 position for his dancing sensation albums, contributed to the dancing community. Crank That.

“Soulja Boy” (“DeAndre Cortez Way”) additionally got $7 Million in 2007 from his album “Crank that”. Also, in 2010, he makes an overall amount of $10 Million in 2012 he also charged a fee of $10,000 for each verse he delivered to other contractors.

He began his career in the year 2005 and by now Soulja Boy make $7 Million annually. Soulja Boy earned money by signing these albums contracts: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Live with Regis, Lopez Tonight, Love & Hip Hop, My Super Sweet 16, The Bachelorette, The DUB Magazine Project, The Monique Show, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and I Was 17. Soulja Boy endorsement amount is about 1 Million.

This is not it, now we’ll talk about Soulja Boy’s fame. So coming up to his fame factor which spread like wild on his Myspace official account.

These followers had been the reason for his achievement in reality. Thanks to his daddy, Soulja had been always helped by him in the music industry since it was his daddy who provided him with a recording studio as to assist his boy in discovering the actual potential of music inside him after which excel those skills in a much more enhanced approach.

In 2005 when Soulja Boy launched his first ever collection of songs on a website called “Sound Click”. This was the platform where Soulja Boy rose to fame and luckily he became a successful singer in his existence. The net worth of $25 million clearly indicates how good skills he has been a record producer as well as a rapper.

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