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Nicky Hilton Plastic Surgery Through Nose Job Fact or Rumor

Nicky Hilton is known best as a businesswoman. And she is also Paris Hilton’s sister. This 31 years old lady has just married to James rothschild. But in this site, we won’t talk about her carrier and her love. As a popular person in America, her appearance has become the people’s attention. They even assumed if Nicky had gone under the knife and enhance her apperance. Is Nicky Hilton plastic surgery news true?

Nicky Hilton Plastic Surgery
Nicky Hilton Plastic Surgery

The thread about this is still debatable. Based on the speculation, there was a possibility that she got a nose job (called rhinoplasty in medical word). You may see the before and after picture.

Nicky Hilton Nose job
talking about the nose job itself, we have already known that it was very popular in America. Many celebrities had gone under the same procedure to get perfect nose. Kim Kardashian, another socialite, has become a warm thread for years. the change on Kim nose looks so obvious. The rhinoplasty made her more beautiful. (Read more about Kim Kardashian plastic surgery here).

Nicky Hilton Nose Job Plastic Surgery
Nicky Hilton Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Talking about Nicky Hilton nose job possibility, this could be true. However, if only she got a nose job, then she may have  a minor work of this. Compared to her previous appearance (in the before picture), her current nose looked having slimmer shape. And it was nicely done. But it can’t be seen easily as a result of a nose job. Some people still believed that it was the effect of make up technique.
What do you have in mind about Nicky Hilton plastic surgery through nose job? Was it possible?

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