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Nicole Scherzinger Nose Job, Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Nicole Scherzinger is no longer new name in music industry. Nicole was best known for her role as “The Pussycat Dolls” lead singer. The American singer who was born in Hawaii  had made a lot of people felt in love with her. Talking about her beautiful look, she can’t avoid many speculations that approached her. Based on the rumors, Nicole Scherzinger had already gone under some plastic surgery procedures. And the change on her nose could be one of the most interesting news about her with this beauty shortcut.

Nicole Scherzinger Nose Job
Nicole Scherzinger Nose Job

Let’s see how the Nicole Scherzinger nose job result.

In the past, Nicole used to have much wider nose. And the tip looked bigger and rounder too. And after the nose job (medically called rhinoplasty), the nose become narrower with a straighter shape. The tip of her nose also looked smaller than before.The shape of her new nose looked nice and beautiful.

It reminded us to Beyonce. Both singer looked having great changes after the surgery. Nicole Scherzinger was also said having some other surgeries to enhance her appearance.

Plastic surgery in America is so popular for years. Many celebrities including singers, TV personality, actor, actress and many more had already gone under the knife. To be honest, it’s not truly shocking if Nicole had gone under a surgery, because this thing has become a need for them.

How do you see her changes? Did she get a nice work?

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