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LUV Oh Yeon Seo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Oh Yeon Seo is currently 27 years old. She is currently best known as an actress. She used to be a member of Korean girl band LUV. Compare to her appearance few years ago, Oh Yeon Seo looked so different today. the people assumed that she went under the knife and changed some parts of her face. she might do Korean plastic surgery combo (nose job, double eyelid surgery and jaw surgery).

Oh Yeon Seo Plastic Surgery
Oh Yeon Seo Plastic Surgery

Nose Job

the sign of rhinoplasty (nose job) was seen from the shape of her current nose. If you see and compare the before and after picture, you will realize that it looked having a change. Her current nose looked slimmer now. To be honest, it’s not too surprising to know that Korean actress would do a nose job. because it has been usual thing.

LUV Oh Yeon Seo Plastic Surgery
LUV Oh Yeon Seo Plastic Surgery

Double eyelid surgery

If you take a look at something on her eyes. Like many others Korean celebrity, she did double eyelid surgeries. This procedure can make the user got more open eyes.  You can see the before and after pictures. It looked obvious that The procedure was done nicely on her eyes. She got better look now.

Jaw Surgery

another plastic surgery that she made was the jaw surgery. It reminded us to some celebrities who did the same things like Park Min Young, Lee Hyori, Lee Bo Young, etc. Compare to her previous appearance, Yeon Seo’s current jaw looked more oval now. the jaw surgery made er facial shape looked sweeter and more attractive. It could be said as good plastic surgery.

If we seeher beauty transformation, Oh Yeon Seo looked significantly changed. She is almost unrecognizable. But honestly, the surgery made her appearance looked more beautiful. What do you think of her?


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