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Onew Shinee Plastic Surgery, Purely a Rumor?

The news about Onew went under the knife made many people curious and surprised. The people don’t believe that he had gone under plastic surgery. Onew Shinee Plastic surgery is still debatable. Based on the news spread, he was said having nose job. Did you notice it? While the rumors blew strongly, we didn’t see any significant change on his appearance. we can’t see any plastic surgery done on his face yet.

Onew Shinee Plastic Surgery Rumor
Onew Shinee Plastic Surgery Rumor

Nose Job rumor

Onew nose job is a big thread that made many people discussed. the rumor said that Onew used to have bigger nose. But, after comparing the before and after pictures, it seems the news is purely just a speculation. Onew still looked the same person. The make up and the cool style that give significant change on his appearance.

You may try to see his appearance in the below picture. We believed that you have the same ideas.

Onew Shinee Nose job Rumor
Onew Shinee Nose job Rumor

Talking about beauty enhancement with surgery, many celebrities in Korea had already gone under it. But it doesn’t mean all the celebrities went under the knife as well. Onew Shinee might be one of the most natural singer in Korea.

Throat Surgery

The speculation about nose job was still debatable. But there’s another surgery that he actually did, Few months ago, in June. Onew experience a throat surgery to fix the vocal cords problem. When he was in recovering time, she didn’t join some concerts with the other shine members, Lee Taemin and Friends.

Kim Yeon Woo told KBS via Cool FM that Onew had recovered from throat surgery. And his voice sounded better now.

You have already known that Shinee was not the only K-Pop group who are rumored with Korean Plastic Surgery. SNSD, Big Bang, 2NE1 are rumored as well.

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