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Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Paris Hilton has a special place in the American people’s eyes. Paris is not only known as an actress and model. She is also a socialite. Moreover,this business woman is one of great-granddaughters of Conrad Hilton. You may know him as the Hilton Hotel’s founder.
Talking about Paris Hilton’s appearance, she actually got her own story. She was said having some beauty enhancements to make her appearance perfect. This story is no longer new thing. The beauty procedures that she possibly got were nose job, breast implants and fillers injection too.

Paris Hilton Nose Job
Paris Hilton Nose Job

Paris Hilton nose job
you can try yo focus in the shape of her nose. It looks so obvious that Paris got nose job. Based on the news, Paris may go under this procedure twice. The first procedure was focused on building the bridge. While the the second procedure refining the shape of the nose tip. As the result Paris got a more refined nose.

Paris Hilton Breast Implants
Paris Hilton Breast Implants

Paris Hilton Breast Implants

Another change that was obviously seen on her body was the boob job. Paris might have a breast implant and resize the boobs. If we compare the before and after picture, we will find that her current boobs looked much bigger than she used to have. However, in an interview with a media, Paris denied the speculation. She briefly stated that Paris Hilton breast implants speculation was just a rumor.

Both breast implants and nose job are quite popular in America. Nicky Hilton, her sister was also said having rhinoplasty (Read more about Nicky Hilton plastic surgery here).

Did Paris Hilton got another work? Beside breast implants and nose job, it seems, she didn’t get any other major work. But she might have fillers injection as supporting procedure. It was seen from her fuller lips.

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