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Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before and After

Korea and plastic surgery was so closed. Like in America, Plastic surgery in this country is also quite popular. Many celebrities were said having at least one procedure.
Park Min Young might be one of the most sensational gossips about celebrity and plastic surgery in Korea. She was controversially discussed among the people not only in korea but also in Asia and the world. After the people found her childhood photo, they concluded that there must be something behind her beautiful look today. That is plastic surgery.

park min young plastic surgery
park min young plastic surgery

You can take a look at her before and after picture, and decide whether she did some procedures or not. We believe that you might feel so shocked.She got a very big changes, especially in her eyes and jaw. However, some of her fanatic fans won’t believe it.

Eyelid Surgery

as everybody know that mostly in Korea, the men or women have narrow eyes. How does park young Min? She looked having big and fresh eyes. Compared to her previous look (in the past), Her current eyes looked so much more beautiful. She must haave her double eyelid surgery when her name was not popular yet. She no longer has narrow eyes. the procedure made her looked greater.

Jaw Surgery
the second procedure is the jaw surgery. The change can be seen very clearly from her face. Today, she got smaller jaw. It made her face more oval. The jaw surgery seems done successfully.

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before After
Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before After

Her face looked too great for a natural treatment. Therefore the wind of the plastic surgery rumors can’t be denied. Park Young Min will be the example of great work. Talking about those procedure, some media in Korea reported that she finally admitted the plastic surgeries. She explained that she got her eyelid surgery in the past when she was in junior high. She also got a nose job. She then stated if her mom was the one who suggested her to do it.
Now, Many people are still waiting for her next decision. Some of them belive that she will do plastic surgery further.

Recently, Miss park was said having similar face with the other two actress in this country, Kim Yu Mi and Yoo Ara. It will be very interesting, right? What do you think?


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